My Skils/Interests

  • Building web application using mainly Ruby on Rails.
  • I have a love for data and database performance. I can design and optimize postgres (mysql if imposed).
  • Graph Database is a new passion, and neo4j my new favorite.
  • React JS and Redux are the js combination that really ticked me, and I have started using it for new projects. But Elm is competing for my attention.
  • I used to setup the servers I needed manually or with plain bash scripts. Currently I use heroku, or I setup my linux servers using ansible, and catching up with docker.
  • CSS organization was a necessary skill to save time that I enjoyed to learn. I love using Sass since its first release, and I keep an eye on postcss.

My Career

Nov, 2013 - Sep, 2015 Senior Rails Developer @ The Starter League, Chicago

At Starter League my main responsability was to build and keep running LanternHQ. Lantern is a rails and postgres based application. The key features I built were:

  • Payment Integration with Stripe. I built the payemnt processing part, where teachers could be able to pay the fee for its students, or students could have the option to pay their own fees.
  • Discussions via email. Trying to mimic a group discussion via email, each classroom had an unique email address that any message sent by its members would create a new discussion in the app.
  • Performance optimizations. Suddenly a teacher could start using the app in the classroom where 20 to 200 students could start using the app at same time. An extensive optimization of database queries and indices, caching using russian doll caching, and memory optimization were done. We could even reduce the number of heroku dynos in use.
  • Redactor RTE Integration. Redactor is a powerful rte editor, but still a deep integration with existing classroom assets and s3 async processing were necessary.

A secondary responsibility was to methor students from the Starter School program. Those students were taking a nine months long course to learn how to build their own applications. Mostly were rails based, and I paired and menthored with them in the class room, or remotely using hipchat and via pull-requests.

Sep, 2009 - Sep, 2015 Independent Rails Developer @ Working Remotely

As an Ruby on Rails contractor, I had the chance to build various applications. From small to large ones, and keep them running for a good time.

Some of the companies I worked for:

Canção Nova - Cachoeira Paulista, BR

One of largest catholic comunities and TV station in Brazil. For those projects I leaded a team of 4 other developers.

  • Canção Nova CRM. One of largest rails app I've build. It handles more than one million of people, and has integration with banks and 3rd party vendors. Also a massive data migration from the old system was made
  • Loja Canção Nova. This is a complex ecommerce application, custom built to fit their needs. It handles sales for final customers, door-to-door representatives, via call center, and wholesale between branches. It has deep integration with the CRM, and the corporate ERP using Oracle APIs.

NoxxonSat - São Paulo, BR

They build vehicle tracking devices, used mostly by buses and trucks, and also they build the software to manage and monitor by their clients and the public transit management entities.

For them I built a couple of applications:

  • OCOP: Application to record occurences by public transit providers, any accident or delayes must be recorded. This is a rails application using rails, postgres and wkhtmlpdf to generate pdf.
  • Gestec: An integration applicaton, that connects various APIs to collect and serve routes, vehicles, timetables for the ecosystem. This is a rails application, using postgres that has an json API.
  • NXControl: This application allows transit companies to manage their fleet of buses, including service scheduling, fueling records and drivers schedule.
  • NXWeb: Individuals that have the tracking devices installed on their vehicles, can monitor in almost real time their vehicles and perform actions like remote locking, send message and generate reports of position history. This is a rails application, using postgres, react js, google maps integration and a json API.

Casven - London, UK

A british startup, building casper, an application that aims to monitor all companies in the world, their products and finances.

I build the first working prototype using Rails, neo4jrb, and the graph database Neo4j. The key challenge was the graph modeling and data collection.

Fev, 2007 - Jul, 2007 Function Point Analyst @ Tata Consulting Services - São Paulo, Brazil

Estimated medium to big projects with Function Point Analysis. Elaborate commercial and financial proposals. Coordinated big estimations.